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datum: 12.06.2017

kategorija: novice


V reviji INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OD SPORTS MEDICINE je izšel članek z naslovom

Cardiorespiratory Responses of Adults and Children during Normoxic and Hypoxic Exercise,

avtor doc. dr. Jerneja Kapusa ter soavtorji Igor B. Mekjavic, Adam C. McDonne, Anton Ušaj, Janez Vodičar, Peter Najdenov, Miroljub Jakovljević, Polona Jaki Mekjavić, Milan Žvan, Tadej Debevec

Objavljeno: 2. 6. 2017 

Povzetek / abstract:

We aimed to elucidate potential differential effects of hypoxia on cardiorespiratory responses during submaximal cycling and simulated skiing exercise between adults and pre-pubertal children. Healthy, low-altitude residents (adults, N=13, Age=40±4yrs.; children, N=13, age=8±2yrs.) were tested in normoxia (Nor: PiO2=134±0.4 mmHg; 940 m) and normobaric hypoxia (Hyp: PiO2=105±0.6 mmHg; ~3 000 m) following an overnight hypoxic acclimation (≥12-hrs). On both days, the participants underwent a graded cycling test and a simulated skiing protocol. Minute ventilation (VE), oxygen uptake (VO2), heart rate (HR) and capillary-oxygen saturation (SpO2) were measured throughout both tests. The cycling data were interpolated for 2 relative workload levels (1 W·kg−1 & 2 W·kg−1). Higher resting HR in hypoxia, compared to normoxia was only noted in children (Nor:78±17; Hyp:89±17 beats·min−1; p<0.05), while SpO2 was significantly lower in hypoxia (Nor:97±1%; Hyp:91±2%; p<0.01) with no between-group differences. The VE, VO2 and HR responses were higher during hypoxic compared to normoxic cycling test in both groups (p<0.05). Except for greater HR during hypoxic compared to normoxic skiing in children (Nor:155±19; Hyp:167±13 (beats·min−1); p<0.05), no other significant between-group differences were noted during the cycling and skiing protocols. In summary, these data suggest similar cardiorespiratory responses to submaximal hypoxic cycling and simulated skiing in adults and children.

Key words

hypoxemia - altitude - acclimatization - children - skiing