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Fakulteta za šport

Osnove managementa v športu

Ph.D. Pavlin Tomaž, Assoc. prof.
Ph.D. Bon Marta, Assist. prof.
Ph.D. Križaj Jožef, Assist. prof.

Ph.D. Doupona Mojca, Prof.

​Content (Syllabus outline):

  • Sport and globalization
  • Introduction to management of sport organizations
  • Meaning and characteristics of marketing in sport
  • Sponsorship in sport
  • Behavior of clients in sport
  • Human resource management in sport
  • Marketing strategies in sport
  • Organization of sport at home and abroad
  • Organizing sport events
  • Financing of sport organizations
  • Sport politics
  • Sport and specific areas of law
  • Basics of entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurship in sport
  • Business plan in sport
  • Sport&Turism
  • Sport&media &PR

Objectives and competences:

  • To realize the basics of contemporary management and its influence on decision making in sport, sport activities and organizations
  • To understand the specifics of sport marketing (sponsorship, donations, mearketing of events etc.)
  • To realize the organization of sport at home and abroad
  • To realize the basics of oranizing sport events
  • To realize the principles of financing sport organizations
  • To realize sport policy at home and abroad
  • To realize legislative and other normative regulation of sport at home and abroad
  • To get acquainted with the concepts of entrepreneurship and some possible forms of entrepreneurship in sport
  • To realize business tools for analysis and planning of sport organization functioning
  • To qualify students for preparation of simple business plan for establishing business idea in sport


  1. To develop critical view of studied literature and practical examples, and develop the capabilities and knowledge for conceptualization and solving of complex challenges of management
  2. To develop the capabilities for the use of marketing concepts and tools in sport events and organizations
  3. Use of acquired knowledge and business tools for pleaning of realization of a business idea in sport