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Fakulteta za šport

Curriculum – Kinesiology

Contact hours
Year 1
1st semester
Basics of movement in sportCcp451530090901806
Informatics and statistics in sport - InformaticsCcc30030060601204
Physiology of sportCcc10503001351352709
Elective course 8 (1)*Ecg60015075751505
2nd semester
Informatics and statistics in sport - StatisticsCcc30030060601204
Sports medicineOks7506001351352709
Elective course 8 (2)*Ecg301515060601204
Sports 3**Ecp15045060601204
Neuromechanical basis of movementCcp75154501351352709
Year 2
3rd semester
Biomechanics of sportCcc451530090901806
Basic study of sports pedagogyCcp301501560601204
Basics of training processCcc3001504545903
4th semester
Elective course 8 (3)*Ecg301515060601204
Basic study of sports pedagogyCcp300003030602
Somatic and motor development of children and youthCcc450004545903
Sports 2***Ecp3009001201202408
Sports nutritionCcp3001504545903
Year 3
5th semester
English – First foreign language for specific purposesCcc450004545903
Elective course 7 (1)****Ecp3001504545903
Basics of management in sportCcc352035090901806
Humanistic aspects of sportCcc3015004545903
Sports 4 (1)*****Ecp1503004545903
Theory of sports recreationCcp9000090901806
6th semester
Elective course 7 (2)****Ecp3001504545903
Practical work in sports organizationCcp0001351351352709
Sociology of sportCcc3015004545903
Degree projectCcc0009090901806
Sports 4 (2)*****Ecp4509001351352709


*ELECTIVE COURSE 8: Free elective courses; total 13 CP – students choose among courses of other university bachelor’s programmes and other FS bachelor’s study programmes 


**SPORTS 3: Students choose 1 out of 3 sports offered in the 2nd semester – total 4 CP

Courses - Sports 3CContact hoursDSWTSWCP
Track anf field 1Ecp15045060601204
Sports gymnastics 1Ecp15045060601204
Sports recreation in tourism in swimming pools and at the seaMovement inEcp15045060601204


***SPORTS 2: Students choose 2 out of 4 sports offered in the 4th semester – total 8 CP

Courses - Sports 2 CContact hoursDSWTSWCP
Basketball 1Ecp15045060601204
Football 1Ecp15045060601204
Volleyball 1Ecp15045060601204
Handball 1Ecp15045060601204


****ELECTIVE COURSE 7: In the 5th and 6th semesters, students choose 1 of the sets of courses that they have not taken before

Courses - Elective course 7 CContact hoursDSWTSWCP
Humanistic aspects of sportAntropološki temelji športa in športne vzgojeorEcp60300090901806
Filozofija športa
Didactics of physical education 2Vodenje športne vadbeEcp1503004545903
Sociology of sportŠport in družbaorEcp60300090901806
Sociologija športne vzgoje


*****SPORTS 4: Students can choose any Sport 1 that they have not taken yet.

Courses - Sports 4 CContact hoursDSWTSWCP
Alpine skiing and snowboarding 1Ecp15045060601204
Track anf field 1Ecp15045060601204
Games with rackets 1Ecp15045060601204
Basketball 1Ecp15045060601204
Football 1malesEcp15045060601204
Nordic skiing 1Ecp15045060601204
Volleyball 1Ecp15045060601204
Swimming 1 with the basics of water rescueEcp15045060601204
Dancing 1Ecp15045060601204
Rhythmic gymnastics 1femalesEcp15045060601204
Handball 1Ecp15045060601204
Sports gymnastics 1Ecp15045060601204
Fitness – group practiceEcp1503004545903
Fitness training of children and young peopleEcp1503004545903