Fakulteta za šport

Curriculum – Sports Education

CoursesCContact hours
Year 1
1st semester
Informatics and statistics in sport - InformaticsCcc30030060601204
Basics of movement in sportCcc451530090901806
Sports pedagogyCcc301501560601204
Sports 1 (1)*Ccp450135018018036012
2nd semester
Informatics and statistics in sport - StatisticsCcc30030060601204
Elective course 1 (1)**Ecp3001504545903
Sports medicineCcc3001504545903
Sports pedagogyCcc3000154545903
Neuromechanical basis of movementCcp3001504545903
Sports 1 (2)*Ccp3009001201202408
Year 2
3rd semester
Biomechanics of sportCcp3001504545903
Physiology of sportCcc60030090901806
Mountaineering and some activities in nature 1(1)Ccp1503004545903
Sports 1 (3)*Ccp450135018018036012
4th semester
Didactics of physical education 1Ccp403020090901806
Elective course 1 (2)**Ecp3001504545903
Mountaineering and some activities in nature 1(2)Ccp30060090901806
Sociology of sportCcc601515090901806
Sports 1 (4)*Ccp30060090901806
Somatic and motor development of children and youthCcc450004545903
Year 3
5th semester
Didactics of physical education 2Ccc1503004545903
Humanistic aspects of sportCcc3015004545903
Elective course 2 (1)***Ecg301515060601204
Basics of management in sportCcc20101504545903
Pedagogic psychologyCcp3015004545903
English – First foreign language for specific purposesCcc450004545903
Sports 1 (5)*Ccp3009001201202408
Basics of training processCcc3001504545903
6th semester
Didactics of physical education 2Ccp00454590901806
Degree projectCcc0009090901806
Humanistic aspects of sportCcp60300090901806
Elective course 2 (2)***Ecg60154501201202408
Sports 1 (6)*Ccp15045060601204


 *SPORTS 1: students choose 3 sports with 4 CP in the 1st and 3rd semesters, 2 sports with 4 CP in the 2nd and 5th semesters, 1 sport with 4 CP in the 6th semester and 2 sports with  3 CP in the 4th semester; total 50 CP

Courses – sports 1 CContact hours
Alpine skiing and snowboarding 1Ccp15045060601204
Track anf field 1Ccp15045060601204
Games with rackets 1Ccp15045060601204
Basketball 1Ccp15045060601204
Football 1malesCcp15045060601204
Nordic skiing 1Ccp15045060601204
Volleyball 1Ccp15045060601204
Swimming 1 with the basics of water rescueCcp15045060601204
Dancing 1Ccp15045060601204
Rhythmic gymnastics 1femalesCcp15045060601204
Handball 1Ccp15045060601204
Sports gymnastics 1Ccp15045060601204
Fitness 1Ccp1503004545903
Fitness training of children and young peopleCcp1503004545903


**ELECTIVE COURSE 1: Students choose one course in the 2nd semester and 1 course in the 4th semester; total 6 CP

Courses - Elective course 1CContact hours
Internet technologiesEcp20015104545903
Nervous and mechanical basics of movement(del predmeta, ki ga še ni poslušal)Ccc3001504545903
Sociology of sport(del predmeta, ki ga še ni poslušal)Ccc25101004545903


***ELECTIVE COURSE 2: Free elective courses; total 12 CP – students choose among courses of other university bachelor’s programmes and other FS bachelor’s study programmes



ST - steberCcc - obvezni skupni predmet
Ccp - obvezni strokovni predmet
Ecp - izbirni strokovni predmet
Ecg - izbirni splošni predmet
Contact hoursL - predavanja
S - seminarji
PC - vaje
O - drugačna oblika dela
DSW - študentovo individualno delo
TSW - celotna študentova obremenitev pri predmetu
CP - kreditne točke