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Fakulteta za šport

Why choosing the Faculty of Sport?

The University of Ljubljana’s Faculty of Sport (UL FS) has been a sports hub for over 60 years.

Today, the Faculty implements first-cycle academic programmes in PHYSICAL EDUCATION, KINESIOLOGY, and SPORTS TRAINING. At the second-cycle study level, the Faculty implements study programmes in PHYSICAL EDUCATION and KINESIOLOGY, while the third-cycle study level comprises the KINESIOLOGY study programme.  

The UL Faculty of Sport is one of the leading institutions in educating sports teachers, kinesiologists, and sports trainers, both nationally and internationally.   Students study in modern lecture halls, gyms, and laboratories, to gain a wide range of knowledge and competences for a successful career.

Education at the UL Faculty of Sport is based on diverse study content intertwined with practical training and scientific research. Higher education teachers and associates of the UL Faculty of Sport are top experts in various fields whose shared mission is to spread awareness of the importance of sport and physical activity for people’s health and well-being.   We warmly invite you to view the Faculty by taking a VIRTUAL TOUR and learning about some of the ACTIVITIES that take place here.  

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