University of Ljubljana

Fakulteta za šport

Management (zastopanje) športnikov

1.1. Evolution of the field
1.2. Sports agency as an industry: competition among agents and war for athletes
1.3. Selecting an agent
1.4. Agency theory and the conflict of interests
1.5. Registration and certification of agents
2. Roles of sports agents
2.1. Agents as career advisers and job seekers
2.2. Agents as negotiators
2.3. Agents as legal advisers
2.4. Agents as financial advisers
2.5. Agents as personal advisers and motivators
3. Legal aspects of sports agency
3.1. Rules and regulations in Slovenia and abroad
3.2. Athlete-agent contracts
3.3. Athlete-team contracts
4. Sports agency and business ethics
4.1. Understanding and levels of business ethics
4.2. Problem of unscrupulous agents