University of Ljubljana

Fakulteta za šport

Philosophy of Sport - mag.

Ph.D. Jošt Bojan, Prof.
  1. Methods of philosophical research; philosophy's disciplines
  2. Contemporary philosophy; philosophy of culture and introduction to philosophy of sport (application of philosophical methodology)
  3. Philosophic overview and explication of sports culture
  4. Genealogy of bodily movement
  5. Sport as a special (systematized) form of physical activity
  6. Sport exercise, competition, spectacle
  7. General sport classification
  8. Response of sport body of knowledge to actual sporting happenings
  9. Kinesiology as a basic sport's science 
  10. Axiological aspects of sport culture
  11. Ethics and aesthetics of sport
  12. Cases of sport in philosophical literature and art
  13. Sustainable development issues in/of sport