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Exercise for sports and health

  • Exercise for sports and health

  • Code L5-6570
  • Date 01.07.2004 - 30.06.2007
  • Funds provider ARRS
  • Organisation UL, Faculty of sport

The aim of the project Exercise for sports and health is to analyze the effects of the exercise aimed for different groups of subjects as sportsmen and people with different problems on loco motor system. The first part is designed to increase an efficiency of the exercise and training for the sportsmen, to be able competing successfully at the international level, while the second part of the project tries to explore a knowledge from the sport science to help the people with orthopedic problems as low-back pain and patello-femoral pain that exhibit serious medical, psychological, sociological, and economical problems at personal and national level. The later exercise protocols are ment to support prevention as well as rehabilitation. Project will tackle the following questions: (
1) training for sprinting, rowing, and swimming,
2) effects and application of proprioceptive training, 3) short- and long-term effects of mechanical vibrations on human performance,
4) relationship between conditioning and movement technique (sprinting), and
5) the use of different training methods (fitness, calisthenics, proprioceptive training, stretching) in people with different orthopedic diagnoses to reduce their problems.
With the projects we would like to gain applicable knowledge (from our own experimental work and with studying the literature) that can be directly used in a practice. For more effective knowledge transfer to the practice, trainers and medical professional will be directly involved into the project. The health exercise protocols will be directly applicabable in fitness and at home.