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Effects of sports exercise on neuromuscular system

  • Effects of sports exercise on neuromuscular system

  • Code L5-5330
  • Date 01.01.2003 - 31.12.2005
  • Funds provider ARRS
  • Organisation UL, Faculty of sport

Sports training is the most important part in sportsman's preparation. However, the sportmen are not the only ones that may benefit from the training since it may be effective for all people. Sports training may improve health and wellness, as well as working capacity. This can be of especial importance in elderly people when aging leads to impairment in the neuromuscular performance and training may prevent or slow down some of the processes involved. Understanding of neuromuscular function is one of the crucial backgrounds for efficient application of sports training.
The goal of the project is to analyse a response of neuromuscular system to various trainings loads in different populations (sportsmen, adults, elderly people). The following questions are to be answered: (1) fatigue apearance during work and effects of training on it, (2) differences in neuromuscular response to varios proprioceptive exercise workouts, (3) acute and chronic response of neuromuscular system to mechanical vibrations and effectiveness of antivibrating devices, (4) muscle sinergies (techniques) in different sports movements and effect of neuromuscular conditioning on them, and (5) effect of different training modalities on some orthopeadic problems.
Next to the upper goal, the aim of the project is also to develope a research team that will research response of neuromuscular system to training and exercise systemtically and in long-term.