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Exercise for elderly and stable foot

  • Exercise for elderly and stable foot

  • Code L5-2081-0587
  • Date 01.05.2009 - 30.04.2012
  • Funds provider ARRS
  • Organisation UL, Faculty of sport


The project is composed from two parts: exercise for the elderly and exercise for a stable foot. Slovenian as well as in EU population is getting older. Health costs related to older population are becoming serious public concern. However, regular exercise provides effective and affordable tool to reduce these problems. The aim of the project is to analyze different exercise modalities specifically aimed to the needs of elderly population to improve balance, walking ability, and muscle strength and power, all related to prevention against falls, for better mobility and self-sufficiency. Next to direct biological and motor effects, we expect psycho-social changes as well (e.g. improved self-esteem and better social inclusion). Exercise effects will be tested with biomechanical tools (foot insole for pressure distribution analysis, movement of ground reaction force application point during stance, strength and power of selected muscle groups, EMG signals). The project is interdisciplinary, including sport science, medicine, psychology and sociology. It is a continuation of a project co-financed by ARRS (L5-7112) ended last year. All needed measuring equipment, research team and relationship to the elderly has been developed already during the former project. Unstable foot is reason for numerous problems related to ankle, Achilles tendon, knee, hip, and low back. Foot problems increase already in childhood, are more frequent in women, sedentary lifestyle promotes them. Even active lifestyle may be related to increased rate of injuries since many runners are injured due to poor foot function. These problems affect life quality and are important for economy due to health costs. Functional foot may be achieved with proper training including strengthening of the muscles related to the foot stability and with learning proper technique of active foot planting to the ground. With the project, we aim to develop training methods for stable foot. Most of research equipment (pressure sensor insoles, force plate, EMG, accelerometers, kinematics) is already at disposal.