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Bio-psycho-social context of kinesiology

  • Bio-psycho-social context of kinesiology

  • Code P5-0142-0587
  • Date 01.01.2018 - 31.12.2021
  • Funds provider Public Research Agency of the Republic of Slovenia
  • Holder Prof. Ph.D. Vojko Strojnik
AbstractThe research program focuses on two target groups (children and youth, and adults and the elderly). With the synergy of research in both areas we are trying to maximize the effects of interpretative and practical applicability of the results. In the field of child and youth we are involved with researching developmental trends and environmental influences on physical and motor development of Slovenian children and youth. Throughout its existence, the research program has developed exceptional research infrastructure, based on the national SLOfit database, which allows for monitoring of physical and motor development of the entire population of school-aged children and youth at the individual level. Due to the long tradition of the SLOfit database we are starting to examine physical and motor development of children in comparison with their parents’ childhood development, thus opening up a completely new field of study developmental principles of children associated with family life patterns and heredity. Through our research the program group is trying to follow the latest epistemological trends in the development of anthropological kinesiology and to holistically address its research problems. We are striving to investigate the relations of human movement with social sciences, pedagogy, sociology, psychology, economics, gerontology, as well as with the field of medicine. In this context we constructed a few sub-projects which are aiming to increase the cross disciplinary synergy and to take a step forward in understanding the factors that define human movement and its effect on the quality of life. Inside the second project part Exercise for health, life quality and efficiency, the main stress will be given to (1) persons with chronical diseases and injuries of locomotor system, (2) elderly persons and (3) sportsmen. With the persons under 1 and 2, the aim is to provide better life quality mostly with improved functional abilities and better health. Health part will be carried out in co-operation with health institutions (hospitals in Novo Mesto, Nova Gorica, Sežana, Ljubljana) to incorporate physical exercise as a model for patients’ care after different surgeries of locomotor system. Co-operation with other institutions will include cardio-vascular diseases, dementia and others. The main research direction with the elderly persons will be an analysis of existing outdoor fitness parks, the efficiency of the exercising machines (which is to our experiences not appropriate), and development more suitable outdoor and indoor exercising machines/ stations (for elderly care homes) and exercise programs for elderly persons that will provide enough opportunities and efficient exercise for that population. In sports, we will continue analysis of hypoxic resistance training already started in co-operation with University of Granada (Spain). Acquired knowledge in all areas will serve for development of ICT supported exercise programs.