University of Ljubljana

Fakulteta za šport



  • Code P5-0147-0587
  • Date 01.01.2017 - 31.12.2021
  • Organisation Faculty of Sport, University of Ljubljana
  • Holder Prof. Ph.D. Milan Čoh
AbstractThe research program aim is to study the effectiveness of an athlete in monostructure, polystructure and conventional sports. The effectiveness of the athlete will be studied within three major aspects. The first is a biomechanical, which includes optimization and modeling techniques, identification of competitive performance and the associated measurement diagnostic procedures. Biomechanical optimization techniques will be analyzed in terms of morphological characteristics, basic and specific motor skills, kinematic and dynamic parameters, musculoskeletal performance and muscle -activity treatment. We will define the parameters of movement performance in cases which in the past has not yet been done. We will use the latest technology to diagnose and measure the parameters of movements such as 3D video-kinematic system, force platform, isokinetic splints, thermographic cameras, accelerometers, laser speedometer, programmed and non-programmed agility system, inertial dress for capturing 3D motion and surface electromyography telemetry. The second aspect will study link between physiological loads and overloads in the context of their health status as a prerequisite for success. Based on the method GNNS satellite technology we will evaluated the energy loss, power consumption and vibration during athlete’s locomotion. Derived parameters and designed software routines will enable us to monitor the load and overload of the most vulnerable segments of the body. The third research aspect will study the interaction of sporting achievements of athletes and national identity. We will investigate the role of sport and sporting successes of our athletes in shaping national consciousness and national identity, including via historical aspects.