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My SLOfit forecasting

  • My SLOfit forecasting

  • Code V5-1913
  • Date 01.11.2019 - 31.10.2021
  • Organisation Public Research Agency of the Republic of Slovenia
  • Holder Prof. Ph.D. Gregor Jurak
AbstractIn recent years, we have developed the My SLOfit application, which gives feedback to teachers, parents, adolescents and doctors by comparing the child's physical and physical development with respect to peers and the health risk arising from the results of each year's measurements for the Sport Educational Chart (SEC) that are performed by all Slovenian primary and secondary schools more than 30 years. The purpose of the project is to upgrade this application with the module for predicting physical fitness of the individual, school, local community, region and state level, and the most common health risks in the adult age arising from this. The module will be intended for different user groups of Moj SLOfit. For parents, adolescents, teachers and doctors, the module will allow for the prediction of the physical fitness of an individual child at an early adult period (18 years) on the basis of multi-year school students SEC data, as well as an assessment of his health risk in the adult age arising from this. In addition, it will also allow simulation of the expected physical fitness of the individual and the health risk when the introduction of selected interventions for improving fitness (e.g. additional hours of physical education, joint teaching of PE teachers and class teachers, active commuting to the school). The visualization of the forecasts will be simple, but designed to illustrate the predicted health risk of an individual based on the current physical and motor development, as well as a possible alternative to physical activity intervention. Teachers, as a special user group, will allow the module to have the same functionality, but at the level of a particular class and school. This will provide teachers an additional scientific-based tool for preparing professional bases for decision making by school authorities and the local community. The module will allow the national administrator previously described functionalities, but at the levels of local communities, regions and the state. This will create a tool that will enable policy makers at these levels to predict the trends of the physical fitness of schoolchildren, the expected effects of physical activity interventions on it and related health risks. This will contribute to scientifically sound political decisions and, consequently, rationalize public funds for health.