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SRM - Education through sport – Shaping role models for the future

  • SRM - Education through sport – Shaping role models for the future

  • Code 590652-EPP-1-2017-1-SI-SPO-SSCP
  • Date 01.12.2017 - 30.06.2019
  • Funds provider European Commission Erasmus+ Programme: Small Collaborative Partnerships
  • Organisation Olympic Committee of Slovenia, Association of Sports Federations (OKS)
  • Holder Prof. Ph.D. Gregor Jurak

Title  of Project

SRM - Education through sport – Shaping role models for the future


The integrated development of athletes is a long-term process which has to begin very early. The formal knowledge which the athletes obtain during the process of official education is important, as are the knowledge and skills which they obtain whilst participating in sports activities. The project partners have affiliated in order to carry out special training covering financial literacy. This field is very important because athletes may be subjected to numerous influences, irregularities and later problems arising from poor knowledge and lack of information. Consequently, they are subjected of abuses concerning match-fixing, the use of doping and other irregularities in sport. All of these can lead to serious consequences and irregularities, but they can be counteracted with knowledge and developed skills. Thus suitably informed, aware and educated athletes will correctly respond to irregularities and their susceptibility to financial problems will be lower. Only those athletes who are successful in sport and who act in accordance with the values of integrity, transparency, autonomy and ethics, can later become our role models and contribute to the recognisability of sports and values in sport. During the project, the project partners are going to prepare a training programme covering the financial literacy of athletes. We are going to carry out educational workshops for young athletes and after implementation of workshops, we are going to developed mobile app for easy learning and self-evaluation (as training tool). The topics covered will be financial literacy, integrity and values in sport. We are going to help the young athletes develop these skills to benefit their development. Partners of the project are sport and educational organizations and institutions who will share their experience and have capacity to prepare adequate program for young athletes.


Erasmus+: Small Collaborative Partnerships


Olimpijski komite Slovenije – Združenje športnih zvez [OKS]


Olympic Committee of Slovenia – Asociation of Sports Federations (SLO)

National Olympic Committee of Portugal (PRT)

Croatian Olympic Academy (CRO)

University of Ljubljana  [Faculty of sport] (SLO)

Researchers in UL Faculty of sport

prof. dr. Gregor Jurak

Duration of project

1.1. 2018 - 30. 6. 2019

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