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6th Conference for Youth Sport 2012

Introduction - 6th Conference for Youth Sport 2012


Report from the conference 2012

Youth sport 2012 conference, provided very interesting perspectives of youth sport on different levels. Key note speaker Ken Green spoke of school physical education and sport, looking at the relationship between both, or perhaps the lack of relationship between them. Rado Pišot addressed issues, related to motor abilities, specifically focusing on concepts of models and he spoke of not only the models in childhood, but also through the entire lifespan. And of course, in his own unique manner, Serge von Duvillard addressed for the issue of an emerging clinical health problem of the metabolic syndrome, which is increasingly evident in children, as young as nine or ten years of age. When we think of the metabolic syndrome, we do not only think of the present, we think also of the health complications down the road, later in life. And discussion by Natalia Stambulova on the dual carreer athletes in terms of the athlete careers per se and their transition from the athletic to the non – athletic life... Robert M. Malina had topic on movement proficiency and its implications for youth sport and when we look at all these topics, we get a very broad perspective of not just youth sport, but also adulthood sport and entering very general domains of physical activity.

At the poster sessions we witnessed an interesting array of eclectic topics and ideas, providing some degree of innovation, addressing several issues on youth sport and physical activity. Between the invited key note lectures and the individual presentations and posters, were a very interesting mix of ideas and directions for research on children in sport. And it provides new challenges that reserches can take home and work on.