Faculty of sports

Conference Youth Sport 2021

Scientific programme - Conference Youth Sport 2021

The programme will be held in person and online. 


Key note speakers:  

Pre-COVID-19 trends in the physical performance of children  

Grant Tomkinson, University of North Dakota, USA 


Consequences of COVID-19 on physical fitness and 24-hours movement behaviour of children

Gregor Starc, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia 

Poor fitness in children and cognitive functioning: The implications of COVID-19 restrictions  

Francisco Ortega, University of Granada, Spain 


Post-Covid-19 physical education: A new paradigm of teaching and learning physical activities in the community school context? 

Roland Naul, University of Münster, Germany  


Round tables: 

  1. Best practice in monitoring physical fitness of children and adolescents in Europe: Cases of Slovenia, Portugal, Finland and Hungary. 
  2. How to approach young athletes and their parents after COVID-19 disturbances of sport training?